How do they do that? Get past Ohio State (a College Football Playoff favorite) and Penn State. That is for the product on the field to accomplish, but if it’s a never ending cycle of Michigan falling short, then that falls on Harbaugh and the recruiting.

“‘It’s a lot of independent contracting, and it seems like the backbone of their team is being built from the state of Massachusetts,’ said another Power Five recruiting director,” Thamel wrote in his story. “‘They are throwing darts around the board with no identity. Where’s their recruiting area?’

“‘If you are trying to beat Ohio State, you should be recruiting against Ohio State,’ said a recruiting director at a Power Five school.’ “‘Michigan is getting four or five studs a year, when Ohio State is getting 20 studs a year.’”

As far as the class of 2020 team rankings, Michigan finished No. 14 in the country while Ohio State finished No. 5. The two schools were the top schools in the Big Ten. In 2021, Michigan ranks No. 11 while Ohio State is No. 2 and in the early 2022 class rankings, Michigan is No. 7 while Ohio State is No. 2 once again.