The magical winter attraction will be back this year, and we are so here for it!

The Dillon town council approved a resolution last week that will allow the Dillon Ice Castles to return to Town Park for another year. This comes after issues vocalized by the town Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee over the last couple of years regarding damage to the grass and concerns over the amount of time the attraction takes over the park. More than 300,000 gallons of water are used to create the massive ice structures, so when it all melts, what's left behind is messy and overall less magical, some vocalized.

The town council voted unanimously to approve the new resolution and contract with Ice Castles LLC, the company that brought the attraction to Summit County for the last two years. The new contract has provisions to protect the park from damage and also addresses responsibilities and expectations of repairs should damage occur. A $10,000 damage deposit is part of the deal, as well as the expectation that the park be returned to its existing condition after the ice castles depart. There will be some different measures taken when the breakdown process of the castles occurs, to accelerate the melt and shorten the amount of time it has taken in the past to get rid of all the ice in the park. Additionally, there are also some regulations on how long the area can be used for the attraction.

ice castles

Image courtesy of Ice Castles CO (Facebook)

The ice castles are truly enchanting, transforming the park into a frozen winter fantasyland full of ice and LED lights. The park turns into a magical maze of tunnels, slides, towers, thrones, and fountains, all with twinkle lights frozen inside that dance along to music as visitors explore the frozen landscape. It has attracted tens of thousands of visitors over the last two years, and local businesses in Dillon are quite appreciative of it. It is a great way to help business during slow winter months and support the local community.

The build is expected to begin soon (within a matter of days, in fact), and if the last two years are any indication, we can expect a steady surge of visitors to this otherworldly frozen experience once it opens, closer to the holidays.

The castles started a few years ago as a playground project Brent Christensen made for his kids to explore in the front yard. The project gained a lot of attention in his Utah community, and soon after, the project grew into a seasonal exhibit. Besides the Colorado location, there are sites in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; Lincoln, New Hampshire; Midway, Utah; and Excelsior, Minnesota.

The exact dates and ticket prices for the Dillon Ice Castles 2019/2020 season have not been announced yet but will be listed on the company website when available. For a better idea of what the Dillon Ice Castles look like, check out our article from last year!

Are you excited to hear that the ice castles will be back in Dillon for this winter season? Have you visited the wintery wonderland when it was here the last couple of winters? Tell us your favorite part, and share any pictures you have of the ice castles in the comments; we always want to see them!