The station is located in Takoma Park and is the first of its kind in the U.S.

America’s first full converted gas-to-electric gas station opened today in Montgomery County, Maryland. Located in Takoma Park, RS Automotives has four pumps that can charge up to four electric vehicles at one time. Inspired by his teenage daughter, the longtime owner of the station converted from gas to electric with funds from the Maryland Energy Administration and the Electric Vehicle Institute. 

RS Automotives has four “pumps” that offer 50 kilowatts of power that can charge an electric vehicle in about 20 to 30 minutes. It can accommodate four cars at once and has a 200 kw backup charging system. While customers wait for their cars to charge, they can visit the station’s automated convenience store and monitor the charging status on in-store screens. The station also has a full-service repair shop that replaces batteries and handles other electric vehicle repairs.

electric vehicle charging station

Electric vehicle charging station, courtesy of Maryland Energy Administration

Depeswar Doley, the owner of the new station, took a leap to convert the station after becoming disenchanted with gas company contracts. He went to the Electric Vehicle Institute in Maryland to learn about designing an EV station. It was his teenage daughter who encouraged him to make the switch. Doley was able to convert to electric with the help of a $786,000 grant from the Maryland Energy Administration and the Electric Vehicle Institute. The Maryland Energy Administration mission provides grants and loans to help Marylanders convert to clean, affordable energy sources.

He realizes an electric vehicle station won’t be in demand like a traditional gas station, but he hopes to make money in the long run. Takoma Park proper only had two EV charging stations that were always in use by cars traveling from the suburbs of Maryland to the District. With more electric vehicles being purchased every year, the demand for charging stations is expected to grow across the state. State officials are hopeful more stations will take the plunge, just like RS Automotives.

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