Her goal is to hike every 14er in the state and raise money for those who need shelter.

Conquering a Colorado fourteener is something people do for all sorts of different reasons; Brittney “Bert” Woodrum is hiking all 58 of the 14,000-foot-tall peaks in the state for a good cause. 

The goal is a lofty one, and not many can say they have made it. Woodrum is hiking for more than just herself, she is hiking to raise money and awareness for ShelterBox, a global nonprofit that provides aid and shelter to people in developing counties who have nothing and face dire circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Courtesy of Brittney Woodrum, The Fourteeners Project (Facebook)

Woodrum is an ambassador for ShelterBox and is studying for her masters in Humanitarian Assistance at the University of Denver. She got the idea after seeing other ambassadors do things like competing in Ironman races and canoe down rivers with the boxes.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Woodrum knew that there were people in great need, and she found a way to help, and started The Fourteeners Project.

“I am a big believer in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. On the bottom of the pyramid, you have your physical staples, such as food, water, and shelter. On the AT, I never worried about finding those foundational necessities, but I did play a significant role in providing those things for myself and others each and every day. Being able to ensure that those around me had what they needed to survive gave me an immense amount of fulfillment; however, it also made me realize how many people don’t have that sense of security.

That’s what really drives me. No one should have to worry about where their shelter will come from, and that’s why I was really struck by ShelterBox’s mission,” Brittney Woodrum. 

On each hike, Woodrum carries a ShelterBox on her back and what she needs for each hike inside. Normally, these boxes can hold a heavy-duty tent, blankets, solar lights, food, whatever is needed to help aid in disaster recovery. She originally planned to wait until she graduated to do the project but decided to embark on the journey now since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit and created even more need around the world. 

Woman on top of mountain
Courtesy of Brittney Woodrum, The Fourteeners Project (Facebook)

Woodrum started her mission in July and has completed 40 of the fourteeners so far; she's hoping to have all of them done by September. Living out of her car, she drives through the state from the trailhead to trailhead. She has a schedule posted sharing where she plans to hike every day, and sometimes, she will get two or three peaks done in a day. All in all, she will hike 58 peaks in Colorado, which is 540 miles and 232,300 feet of elevation.

So far, $38,481.66 has been raised with a goal of $81,200.

Check out this interview with Woodrum about her ShelterBox mission:

This is one amazing hike for a immensely important cause, and we wish Woodrum all the best in her high-altitude adventures. Hopefully, along with raising money to help, her mission will heighten awareness and inspire other people to help out someone who may be in need.