You get to hang out with a dog for free!

Guys! What if I told you that you can hang out with a dog for a few hours, for free, just by becoming a volunteer? Well, the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C., is allowing volunteers to take a dog out of the shelter for a few hours every day! 

There is a catch: You have to bring the pup back when time is up (darn it)! But what a clever way to fulfill the need of having a pet in your life without actually owning one! 

They are calling it their "Happy Hour" (drinks not included!). It gives a little bit of happiness to the pup, relives some stress, and gives them a break from the shelter life! Instead of taking a dog out and fostering them for days or weeks (which is a huge commitment), you get to foster the dog for just a couple hours. 

The Happy Hour is occurring across both locations of the Humane Rescue Alliance! 

Are you ready to hang out with some dogs? Most of us are like this:

Courtesy of Giphy

The program initially launched back in February of this year and has been successful ever since. When a dog is taken out of the shelter, they often turn into a completely different animal because they aren't cornered in a crowded area and have the space to open up! 

The volunteer then can really get a good sense of the dog's personality and see how they react with other dogs and with humans! It's difficult to get a good sense of the animal's personality in the crowded shelter atmosphere. As a result, more information about the dog becomes available to potential adoptive families, thus increasing the likelihood of the dog finding a permanent home. 

If you are in the process of looking for a new family member or just want an excuse to hang out with a dog, this is a great way to get to know the pets! Who knows? You may fall in love with one and not want to give him or her back!

Dog gets a break ... You get some pupper love ... Dog is more likely to find a family ... This whole program is a win-win! 

Pictured, Minnie, 1, Courtesy of Humane Rescue Alliance

Find out more about the volunteer program here!

Have you participated in this program before? Do you want to become a volunteer now? Tell us in the comments!