Whatever you do, no matter how tempted you are, do not get in the water!

Before you load up your vehicle for your quintessential summer trip to the sandy waters, think carefully about which beach you wish to go to! Why? Well, since June 1, there have been four confirmed cases of the flesh-eating bacteria from Ocean View's beach in Norfolk.

Called Vibrio, the flesh-eating bacteria thrives in warmer weather and is found in mostly salt or brackish water, which is what surrounds the seven cities of Hampton Roads. 

According to a report by WTKR, there were 87 confirmed cases in 2018, and the numbers are expected to rise again this summer. We are heading into a 10-day heat-wave, so be cautious of where you want to swim!

“I do think that it is also related to the water temperatures, so if we are having a very hot year, we are more likely to see more cases because that where the bacteria thrives,” Kim Wright, Eastern Shore Health District Epidemiologist, said.

This is all of us right now: 

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People with a weakened immune system or open wound on their body are more likely to be infected with the bacteria and are urged to stay out of the water. If you did become infected, some of the symptoms include fever, vomiting, and cramps. 

If you experience any of these symptoms after swimming the water, please consult with your doctor immediately – this will not go away on its own or be solved by using WebMD! Better yet? Don't even get in the water to begin with!

Have you suffered from the flesh-eating bacteria before? Have you been in Ocean View's water lately? Tell us in the comments!