"QuaranStream" is bringing the cuteness with adorable animal videos!

The Virginia Living Museum in Newport has unveiled its newest acquisition, and it's a wonder of nature: a two-headed baby turtle!

Last Friday, the museum showed the turtle on their virtual live-stream series "QuaranStream." The hatchling was recently discovered in Williamsburg by a local resident, who brought it to the museum's attention. The male turtle has polycephaly, which translates to "two heads." He has two separate brains but operates from a single nervous system.

According to the museum's staff, the turtle's condition is less genetic and more of a matter of chance. Reptiles like turtles and snakes experience the anomaly more often than mammals, which can be due to the complex development eggs go through prior to hatching. They also tend to lay more eggs than other animals, which makes a lot of sense—more babies means more likelihood of natural marvels like this adorable hatchling!

The live-stream, which began in response to the coronavirus-related closures, showcases the museum's knowledgeable staff and their amazing selection of animals. Viewers can watch features on pufferfish, salamanders, owls, and the aforementioned baby turtle straight from their Facebook page. Videos are live-streamed daily, so there's no shortage of cool things to see, especially when we're all stuck at home.

A local institution since 1966, they "connect people to nature through educational experiences that promote conservation," and boast over 200 animal species native to the state of Virginia.

The museum also updates its social media pages including Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, so be sure to check regularly! Recent news includes the debut of a female beaver and the virtual version of the popular Native Plant Sale, going on from May 4-29.

What do you think of the museum's latest discovery? Will you be tuning in to "QuaranStream" on their Facebook page? Let us know in the comments!