We are here for this ...

A post on Reddit went viral this week for showing a photo of a young man who gained U.S. citizenship on the last day for voter registration in Virginia.

The photo, posted by u/dsar_afj on the r/pics subreddit, shows a young man of Asian descent dressed in a suit and waving an American flag on a patio. It received 101,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments (most of which were about how dapper he looks in the suit!).

On the last day to register to vote in Virginia, my brother-in-law finally became a citizen! from r/pics

In the comments, we learn more—fom the newly citizened "suit" himself!


It took Alex four and a half years to go through the U.S. citizenship process.


And the question of the hour: Did he really get registered to vote in time?


Congratulations, Alex! How exciting for you and your family!