The 14-year-old started ButterWorks Bakery USA straight from her own kitchen!

Baking has been all the rage amid the coronavirus pandemic (look no further than the sourdough starter recipes flooding our feeds) but some are taking it to the next level. That's the case for Maryland native Emily Uhlman, who's launched her own bakery at just 14 years old!

The Carroll County teen has always aspired to be a baker, but when an internship at a local bakery fell through due to the pandemic, she decided to start her own project. Her parents lent her $150 for supplies and educated her on profit margins and cost control. Once she completed a ServSafe Certification Class, ButterWorks Bakery USA was born!


Her business operates under Maryland's Cottage Food Laws, which means citizens can produce edible goods from a home kitchen without a food permit. From her Westminster home, she whips up cupcakes, cookies, and other treats for the broader community. Customers can order cupcake flavors ranging from Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Vanilla Maraschino Cherry, and Key Lime Pie, as well as full-sized cakes through her Facebook page.

Within a few weeks of starting her business, she's reached over 3,000 followers and has compensated her parents for the money she initially borrowed. WBALTV reports her services have already been sought for weddings and birthday parties!


Along with working hard in the kitchen, Uhlman has honed her craft through YouTube, particularly videos of Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes. In an unforgettable moment, the celebrity baker commented on her other-worldly "Anti-Gravity Cake" posted on Instagram!

In addition to achieving her baking dreams, Uhlman is using this gig to save money for college and a Tesla car. This self-starter is sure to go places, and when she eventually opens her own bakery, we'll be the first in line!

Want to support this teen's dream? You can follow ButterWorks Bakery USA on Facebook and Instagram.

**All photos courtesy of ButterWorks Bakery USA

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