Pinch us—we're dreaming!

Who doesn't love alpacas? They're friendly and fluffy, and they make the perfect companions! You've likely encountered the cuddly animals at a petting zoo, but how about door-to-door visits? This Virginia woman made it into a business, and its genius cannot be understated!

My Pet Alpaca was conceived by Vienna resident Andrea Diaz, as a way to cheer up children cooped up inside during quarantine. She brings her two pals, Pisco and Chewpacca, on home visits, where people can snuggle and take photos with the cuddly animals.

alpacas and people

“You don’t need to leave the house; you don’t need to go to the zoo; you don’t need to plan a whole day. It can just be a casual visit,” Diaz told WTOP in a recent article covering the business.

Diaz, who's native to Peru, has always owned pet alpacas. Initially, she wanted to bring them along to community events like parades, so she even upgraded to a larger car to transport them!


But kids aren't the only ones feeling the joy—turns out, the feeling is mutual. Diaz says the alpacas "cannot wait to jump in" the car for their anticipated visits. It turns out they need a little socializing, too!

Visits with Pisco and Chewpacca cost $40 for 30 minutes and $60 for an hour, which may be the cure to the quarantine blues we've all been experiencing the last few months. The business evolved over the summer, but Diaz's business prospects appear to transcend the pandemic, meaning we can look forward to more alpaca antics in the future!


You can follow My Pet Alpaca on Facebook for more information, as well as cute photos of Pisco and Chewpacca snuggling with kids and dogs. Awww!

**All photos courtesy of My Pet Alpaca's Facebook

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