Maryland's famous lighthouse landmark has been keeping boats safe for almost two centuries, and now it needs your help.

Anyone who has sailed around Annapolis knows the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse. It stands watch and warns away boaters from the rocky shoal that it is named for. And now, it requires major restoration.

Its long, storied history began as a simple shore light in 1825. It was renovated in 1840 and rebuilt in its current screw-pile form in 1875. It is a handsome hexagonal building that stands 43 feet above the mean high water level and has weathered countless storms. Over the years, great care was taken to maintain the structure, and it was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places in 1975. It even had a lighthouse keeper up until 1986 when it became fully automated. Today, it is the only screw-pile lighthouse in the Chesapeake Bay that stands in its original location.


Courtesy of the Yacht Chance Facebook page

In 2004, the financial responsibility for the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse shifted to the city of Annapolis, the Annapolis Maritime Museum, and the Chesapeake Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society. They have maintained the structure and conducted tours for the public, but now major renovations are needed. The steel beams that hold up the building must be replaced, and additional funding is required for the project.

How You Can Help

Go to the GoFundMe page that has been set up for donations, and make a contribution online. Anyone who donates more than $100 will receive a commemorative print of the lighthouse as a special thank you gift. You can also donate directly to the United States Lighthouse Society by going to their website.

For more information, visit the GoFundMe campaign or the official Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse website.

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