Tri-County Health and The City of Englewood issue orders for face masks to be worn by all.

Two new face-mask mandates have been ordered in the Denver metropolitan area. 

Englewood City Council announced an emergency mandate requiring face masks for everyone in public. The council voted on the measure on Monday, July 6, and it will go into effect July 9.

According to the new order, residents must wear a mask when:

  • Obtaining healthcare or medical services, this includes hospitals, doctors' offices, and clinics. 
  • When inside any business, or in line to enter any commercial or retail business or government office.
  • When in line for, or riding on any form of public transportation or in a taxi or rideshare service. 
  • This applies to everyone over 5 years of age.

Commercial business must:

  • Require all employees to wear a face-covering when interacting in person with any member of the public.
  • Require employees to wear a face-covering when working in any space visited by members of the public.
  • Require a face covering for employees working near or where food is prepared or packaged. This also applies to areas where food is sold. 
  • Businesses must also post signs to remind customers of the requirement for masks. 

There are some exemptions to the order, all the details and specific requirements can be found in the order which is posted on the City of Englewood’s website. Violators could face up to a year in prison or a $2,600 fine, but will have the right to a trial.

The Tri-County Health Department Board of Health also approved a mask requirement to be mandated for Douglas, Arapahoe, and Adams counties. An executive order will be issued detailing the specific requirements of this mandate. There will also be a provision allowing a process for municipalities to opt-out. A vote held earlier today was passed 5-4 by the board, and the mandate will be in effect for 90 days once it is issued. The Tri-County Health mask mandate adds to a growing list of counties and municipalities in Colorado that have imposed mask or face covering requirements.

This decision was made in light of rising cases of coronavirus both nationally and in the state of Colorado.

Wearing a cloth face covering or facemask is one way individuals can protect others and themselves from spreading the virus. A recent study found that cotton facemasks were the most effective out of 32 types of materials tested. The Centers for Disease Control has also recommended that face masks be worn to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

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