The gourmet ice cream and dairy products from Trickling Springs will soon disappear from store shelves forever. 

It's time to say goodbye to a DMV favorite, Trickling Springs Creamery. According to their social media posts, they are halting production and closing their retail stores in both Pennsylvania and D.C. The District shops are located at Union Market and Eastern Market, and an exact closing date for them has not yet been announced. 

This closure will leave a big gap in the local farm-to-table movement, as Trickling Springs was best known for their organic processes and small-batch, premium ice cream. Their all-natural cream and milk were available in heavy glass jars that you could recycle and feel good about after enjoying their delicious contents.

milk, glass bottle

If you want to get one last fix, head to Mom's Organic Market, Whole Foods, or smaller organic stores for some of the incomparable Trickling Springs artisanal ice cream while supplies last. The simple vanilla is my absolute favorite, but they also have innovative seasonal flavors and classics like Cookies and Cream. Until they close for good, you can also get your scoops at the Eastern Market and Union Market shops.

Exact dates have not been announced for the closing of the two D.C. locations, so get your favorite products while you can.

**All of the photos in this article are courtesy of Trickling Springs Creamery's Facebook page. Check there for additional information on closure dates.

Are you going to miss visiting the TSC shops at Union Market and Eastern Market? What are some of your favorite products and ice cream flavors? Let us know in the comments.