A passenger aboard United Airlines flight 328 filed a class-action lawsuit against the company. 

A passenger aboard United Airlines flight 328 when the plane experienced an engine failure and had to make an emergency landing has filed a class-action lawsuit against the company. 

The Boeing 777 plane took off from Denver International Airport bound for Honolulu, Hawaii, on Saturday, February 20, when its Pratt & Whitney engine exploded, scattering debris across Broomfield. The explosion caused a mid-flight fire and forced the pilots to execute an emergency landing minutes after taking off. No one was injured, but large parts of the engine were found on the ground, nearly hitting residential structures. 

According to the class-action filing, the plaintiff "seeks to recover for negligent infliction of emotional distress on behalf of himself and all other passengers on board who are similarly situated.” The suit claims that United failed to perform proper aircraft inspections and maintenance, resulting in the engine loss. 

Read the full class-action lawsuit against United here

On February 21, United announced that it would be voluntary removing 24 Boeing 777 planes from service while working closely with regulators to determine the safest course of action. 

Broomfield Police spent several days collecting debris and sending it to the National Transportation and Safety Board for investigation. Many residents took to social media to report the large pieces falling from the sky. Check out a few videos here

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