Maryland residents have been given a few extra weeks to become REAL ID compliant. A previous June deadline has been extended to July 3 for over 40,000 drivers.

As thousands of Maryland drivers are still working through the REAL ID compliance process, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) has implemented a new set of deadlines. The plan is to stagger the deadlines to ensure a smoother transition across the state. Drivers who received a notice with a June 2019 deadline have now been given until July 3 to submit the REAL ID documentation to the MVA. 

A while back, we told you about the new Maryland driver's licenses. Long story short, they're part of a federal initiative to tie additional documentation to Maryland resident records. This is part of new Homeland Security guidelines for boarding domestic flights and entering federal buildings.


Maryland residents who have not yet provided the necessary paperwork to be REAL ID compliant now have until July 3 to do so. The original June deadline has been extended. The initial recall applied to 66,300 residents, but the number of people affected is now down to 40,000.

This particular subset of recalls is for people who have been issued REAL ID cards without following up and providing the required documentation. For example, if you renewed your driver's license by mail, your new card may LOOK like a REAL ID. But without the documentation, it will be subject to recall and confiscation.

How can I tell if I am REAL ID compliant?

Anyone who is not currently REAL ID compliant will be getting a notification from MDOT MVA about the potential recall notice. You can also check online at the REAL ID lookup site and enter your driver's license number to determine your status.

MVA chart

If you find that your license is not REAL ID compliant, you will need to make an appointment with the Maryland MVA and bring in your required documents. If you have not yet been issued a REAL ID with the star symbol, you will get a new identification card or license at that time. The MVA has issued extensive hours for several locations in order to better service appointments and have even opened a new Parkville Branch Annex.

If you do not get a REAL ID by the deadline on your recall notice, your driver's license or ID card can be confiscated if you are ever pulled over by the police. Get online and make that appointment today!

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For more information, visit the MVA REAL ID website.

**All of the photos in this article are courtesy of the Maryland MVA.

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