Little Utz Girl undergoes a makeover, but she still doesn’t have a name.

The little cartoon girl featured on packages of Utz potato chips has gotten a makeover for the 21st century. The Hanover, Pennsylvania, snack company announced the new media campaign last month. The new Little Utz Girl will be featured in a series of animated commercials along with her new pet cat named “Salty.” This is the second time in the company’s nearly 100-year history that the design of Little Utz Girl has been changed.

The largest, privately held snack food company was launched in 1921 in Hanover, Pennsylvania, by Bill and Salie Utz. The couple brought their products to Maryland, adding a chip made with Old Bay seasoning called “The Crab Chip.” The popular Chesapeake Bay-seasoned chip made Utz a staple in Maryland. Today you’ll find Utz chips and snacks in grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants all around Maryland. In 2007, Maryland jeweler Smyth created a billboard with Mr. Boh, the mascot for National Bohemian beer, proposing to the Little Utz Girl.

Change is hard, and so reception to the new design has been mixed. Some social media posters were turned off by the animated emoji-like appearance, while others missed the original nostalgic logo. Utz is striving to show the new Utz girl as happy, spunky, and not afraid to take herself seriously.

She has a big heart and mischievous spirit too,” said Dylan Lissette, Chief Executive Officer, Utz Quality Foods, LLC., “and above all else, she reminds us that just being yourself is the funnest adventure of all.”

For now, the new commercials will only air in Pennsylvania, but Marylanders can view them by visiting the Utz social media pages. For now, bags of Utz snacks will still bear the original version of the Little Utz Girl.

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