All you have to do is to get at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine to be eligible for the lottery.

Vaccination rates have been slowing around the country, including in the state of Maryland. Officials in the Governor’s office, the Maryland Department of Health, and the Maryland Lottery have come up with a creative way to incentivize Marylanders to get the shot. Beginning on Tuesday, May 25, the Maryland Lottery will award one vaccinated person $40,000 each day until July, 3.

On the 40th and final day of the contest, July 4, one lucky person will win $400,000. It’s all part of the $2 Million VaxCash promotion to reward citizens for getting vaccinated.

Everyone who has been vaccinated in Maryland is eligible, as long as they have received at least one shot and are 18 years or older. In total, the Maryland Lottery will be spending $2 million on the promotion that will come out of the agency’s marketing budget.

“Getting more people vaccinated is good for Maryland, and this is a promotion the Lottery is especially proud to be part of,” said Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director Gordon Medenica. “And most importantly, putting COVID-19 in the rearview mirror is great for Maryland’s businesses. We know everyone is eager for a fun-filled summer where the pandemic is a distant memory.”

Ohio, Kentucky, and New York are also giving residents a chance to win the lottery, while some states are offering things like $100 savings bonds, free hunting licenses, and college scholarships.

You don’t need to enter to win. Each day the lottery will select a winner from the Maryland Department of Health’s ImmuNet system using a double-blind number system. Anyone who got a vaccine at a non-federal vaccination facility is eligible. If you still have not received your vaccine, go to to find an appointment and secure your chance to win.

How do you feel about being incentivized to get vaccinated by the Lottery? Let us know in the comments.