Rescue teams have safely removed the bear.

Kevin Deshazer works as a plumber in the Steamboat Springs area. Last week, he was working on a property in Priest Creek Ranch, and after putting in a new waterline, he covered it with a culvert and planned to come back this week to finish the job. But this morning, when he got to the site to get to work, he discovered that a bear had found its way into the culvert and became trapped. The workday quickly turned into a rescue and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) was called in to come and help the bear.

Deshazer captured some incredible videos and shared them with a local radio station. Watch them below:

Video is courtesy of Kevin Deshazer, with the last part of the video rescue. Courtesy Cregan Ortner, edited by Shannon Lukens. 

As always, when living in Colorado, it is always wise to be aware of wildlife, especially bears. The animals come looking for food and have become less phased by humans, which can lead to some very scary situations. We are glad this situation had a happy ending for everyone, especially the bear.

Thanks to Kevin Deshazer and Shannon Lukens of Steamboat Springs Radio for sharing the video.

What do you think about the videos of the bear getting stuck in the culvert? Have you had any interactions with bears this summer? If so, share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And stay safe out there, Colorado!