The curious bear can be seen pawing at the door.

A curious little bear cub just wanted to come inside and play in this Creede home. Charlene Bixler noticed the bear cub outside on her patio and was able to record the bear as it tried, in vain, to get inside. She posted the video on Facebook and shared it with the local news.

You can see the video shared with KDVR below:

Bixler said that the cub hung out on the porch for a while, then, about an hour later, she saw the bear following its mother up the mountain. 

Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) reminds people that when a bear and human interaction goes wrong, it's most often the bear that loses its life. Being “bear aware” is a must if living, camping, or working anywhere bears might be. During late summer and early fall, bears need about 20,000 calories a day to store enough fat to survive their winter hibernation. Bears are very smart animals and will return to a place they successfully found food, which is why it's so important to bear-proof properties and make sure to use bear-resistant trash bins.

CPW advises that if you do come into contact with a bear you should make yourself appear as large as possible, stay calm, and try and move away slowly and sideways as to not alarm the bear. 

Have you ever come this close to a bear cub? Share your bear experiences with us in the comments.