In a race of bear vs. automobile, bear wins.

Colorado is in the height of the bear season, so it's really not that unusual to see pictures and video footage of bear encounters shared online. In this recent video shared by Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW), it shows the raw physical power and strength of a bear running at full speed alongside a car.

Danielle Miller caught the incredible moment on video as she drove south of the Colorado Springs Airport along Goldfield Drive, near the Big Johnson Reservoir, last week.

Black bears can run at a speed of 35 miles per hour and are the fastest species of bear, according to World Atlas. They can easily outrun even the fastest known human and, as the video shows on a rural road, can best a car. 

CPW does not advise trying to outrun a bear, moving away suddenly at an increased speed will likely trigger the bear’s instinct to chase. Backing away slowly, making yourself as large as possible, avoiding eye contact, and walking away slowly if the bear is not approaching are all ways to try and get yourself out of harm's way. If a bear charges, stand your ground, speak in a monotone voice, do not scream, and wave your arms to tell the bear you are human. 

This incredible footage is not something we see every day and is the perfect reminder that humans always need to be bear aware when out exploring.

Have you ever seen anything like this bear racing a car? Share with us in the comments.