The remarkable video was captured in Evergreen.

Living in Colorado comes with unique perks, and folks who live near wildlife often find themselves witnessing incredible moments in nature.

An afternoon in the fresh mountain air provided the perfect opportunity to capture a mountain lion stalking its prey. Amanda and Jameson Crane, of Evergreen, managed to get a video of a bull elk being stalked by a mountain lion.

The video was shared with local news station KDVR, check it out for yourself below:

It's not clear if the mountain lion caught up with the elk, however, the video shows exactly what the mountain lion is capable of as it quickly pursued its prey. The couple has only lived in the area for about a month and have quickly realized how extraordinary an occurrence it is to see something like this right outside their home. 

Mountain lions are a rare species to catch a glimpse of in the wild and are the largest cat to live in Colorado. They normally live in foothills, canyons, and mesa type areas, but they can live anywhere they find food and cover. It's estimated that 3,000 to 7,000 mountain lions live in Colorado, though they tend to stay away from people. There have only been about a dozen fatalities from mountain lion attacks on people in the last 100 years in North America; they normally feed on deer, elk, and moose, and usually like to come out at night rather than the day. 

If you encounter one of these big cats, it is best to stay calm, back away, and do everything you can to appear larger than you are. Running will likely stimulate the animal to chase and attack, so backing away slowly and calmy is especially important.

Have you ever come in close contact with one of these magnificent wild cats? Share with us in the comments.