The terrifying stunt was captured in a viral video.

On Friday, a man witnessed a very strange and terrifying sight as he was driving northbound on I-25, near Orchard. David Meyer told FOX31 that he has seen a lot of crazy sights while on his daily commute, but this incident last week had him in "disbelief."

Meyer filmed a man hanging onto a large truck, which was traveling on the highway at about 70 miles per hour. However, when he first started filming, he had no idea it was an actual person, originally thinking that someone had "stuffed a pair of pants and a shirt, and put it on there."

But once he realized it was a real person, his confusion quickly turned into concern. So, Meyer began to distance himself from the truck and other drivers around him. Meanwhile, another driver noticed the man and attempted to get the truck driver to slow down.

"Not only is the person hanging on the back in an unsafe position, but anybody around them is now unsafe. Certainly, if that person falls off, they want to do what’s right and avoid them. But now they’ve put themselves in danger," said Colorado State Patrol Trooper Josh Lewis.

Watch the terrifying footage below, courtesy of I'm From Denver (Facebook):

There aren't any reports of who the man on the truck is or what happened following this incident.

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