The elk can be seen fleeing across the highway from the East Troublesome Fire.

Wildfires are burning in several areas of the state right now, with hundreds of thousands of acres burned. As people rushed to grab what they can and flee the fires, Colorado's wildlife has also tried to find a way out.

Daniel Denning was on his way out of Estes Park on Thursday, October 2, evacuating as smoke and flames from the East Troublesome Fire made their way towards the town. On his way out, Denning was able to catch a herd of elk also evacuating from the fire, as they crossed Highway 34 east of Estes Park.

Denning also shared some pictures he took of the elk as they headed out of town:

Other people around the state have also been sharing pictures of animals as they flee the fires:

Residents of nearby towns are being advised that there may be more wildlife in the area looking for a safe place to wait out the fires. 

This man got a happy reunion with his donkey, Ennis, after the Cal-Wood Fire swept through his town and he had to set the donkey free to run to safety:

Colorado man reunited with his donkey, Ennis, after fire swept through his town. from r/aww

Residents who live near fire areas are advised to keep domestic animals inside, to allow wild animals to pass through if need be. They are asked to put out water for the animals. Colorado Parks and Wildlife does not want people to feed wildlife—that is still not advised—however, putting out water is okay in a situation like this the wildfires. The animals can get dehydrated from the dry air and heat, and natural water sources may be dried up, full of ash, or inaccessible due to fire. 

Please share any ways you know of to help the wildlife affected by these devasting fires in the comments.