Oh, deer!

It's bound to happen. We all lose our heads every once in a while. But rare is the case where it gets stuck inside a chicken feeder, unless you're this poor baby deer.

On Monday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officers helped a fawn that got itself stuck in a chicken feeder in Conifer. A video posted on CPW's Twitter page shows the fawn as it was sporting its new plastic accessory and it seemed quite unfazed by the situation. In fact, it was calmly eating next to another deer before the CPW officers approached it.

The wildlife officers then proceeded to immobilize the fawn and remove the feeder from around its neck. They quickly returned it to its mother without any complications.

They later posted another video showing the now free fawn with its mother and another young deer. The CPW officers called a good rescue to start off the week.

The CPW is not unfamiliar with animals getting stuck in odd places or wild animals doing quirky things. Just last week, they posted a video of a bobcat that was spotted by a home camera chasing down a rabbit. On October 16, they mentioned another case of a buck who got heavily tangled in a net left behind. The tweet asks people to remember not to leave any traces behind, since the consequences could be troublesome for wildlife.

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