Video shows that this bear is not phased by the locked bin or by the bystanders.

There have been bear sightings all over the place lately, in both rural and urban areas of Colorado. Bears are looking for food and the tempting smells of scraps left behind by humans draw them in. 

Shannon Lukens of Steamboat Springs was out for an evening walk with her husband on Sunday, July 5, and happened to hear a bear rooting around in some trash bins that were outside. Despite the couple yelling and trying to scare the bear away, it did not seem phased at all. As Lukens shared on Facebook, she was able to come back and take some video (below) of the bear from the safety of her car.

In the footage, the bear can be seen looking for food of some kind. At this point, he had already rummaged through the recycle bin, and despite the lock on the trash can, the big guy was not discouraged. At last report, he had dragged the trash can into the woods and was seen chewing on the bin along a nearby creek. 

Lukens is a reporter with Steamboat Radio and shared the story there, as well.

This is a great reminder that trash bins and recycling bins need to be locked when living in bear country. For both humans and bears alike, it's important to keep all trash and attractants locked up and inaccessible to wildlife. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), bears can return to an area up to a year later knowing they have found success there before, and as the animals get more comfortable around humans, the chance of an interaction going the wrong way increases. If a bear becomes aggressive, property can be damaged, pets and humans can be injured, and the bear will likely have to be put down. 

CPW demonstrates what to do if you see a bear in the following video:

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