Even the hyenas got in on the snow action!

After the historic storm last weekend, lions at the Denver Zoo got a taste of the chilly weather on Monday and proceeded to frolic and play in the snow. And thankfully, the Denver Zoo captured these adorable moments on camera!

The video also shows hyenas checking out the snow, albeit not as "enthusiastically" as the lions.

Take a look at the cuteness below:

As surprising as it may be, you know, seeing as the animals hail from Africa, zoo officials state they actually really love the snow. But don't worry, "if they catch a chill, they have heated rocks to lounge on and heated bedrooms waiting for them when they need them."

The Denver Zoo was closed on Monday due to the storm, but has since reopened to the public on Tuesday at noon.

What do you think of the lions playing in the snow? Will you be visiting the Denver Zoo soon? Did you know the zoo (and other museums in Denver) have brought back free-admission days? Comment below.