Stephanie posted a video of herself in the driver's seat with the words: "Imma kill it on the high way."

Be warned: The video footage embedded at the bottom of this article is extremely hard to watch. It depicts Stephanie Angelica Vasquez, 25, in the driver's seat of a 2020 Toyota Supra, via Snapchat. Later the video cuts to the chaotic, tragic, and gruesome scene of the wreckage shortly after the crash that took her life. The deceased bodies of Vasquez and her passenger, Jonathan Charkas, are blurred out.

According to the police report, on Wednesday, September 9, Vasquez and Charkas were traveling north in the Supra on Muddy Branch Road, approaching West Deer Park Road, in Gaithersburg.

"A 2001 Honda Accord was traveling south on Muddy Branch Road and was attempting to turn left onto eastbound West Deer Park Road; the Supra and Accord collided in the intersection.  Three unoccupied vehicles parked on Water Street were also damaged as a result of this collision.  Investigators believe that the Supra’s speed may have contributed to this collision. ...

The operator of the Accord is being identified as Heriberto Santos Gonzalez, age 40, of North Summit Avenue in Gaithersburg.  He was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.   Two adult male passengers in the Accord were also transported to a local hospital with serious injuries."

Watch the video from here:

Vasquez was due in court today for a DUI charge from August 2, as well as a charge for unlawfully possessing a loaded handgun in a vehicle. That situation occurred in Silver Spring.

Police are still investigating how Vasquez came in possession of the car.