A bull moose faced off against a parked car, while the witness filmed the incredible encounter.

It's not every day you see a moose in the wild attacking an innocent (and inanimate) bystander. Yet, that's how it went down in Boulder County last week.

Near the Switzerland Trail in Boulder, Chris Devlin was driving away when he saw a bull moose attacking a parked Mercedes. It was such a bizarre sight that Devlin had to film the encounter as possible evidence.

The video shows the moose in question repeatedly attacking the rear end of the car with its massive antlers. Devlin stopped and began honking in an attempt to get the moose to stop. But all the noise did was draw the moose's attention to Devlin's car.

In an interview with 9News, Devlin stated the last thing he wanted was the moose fixating on him. "I didn't want that moose coming my way. I quickly kind of backed off the horn and he went back to his business," Devlin said.

After returning its attention to the car and battering it a few more times, the moose gave up and moved further into the woods, taking out its frustrations on a tree nearby and also a sign.

Even though Devlin was putting himself in danger, he decided the decent thing to do was to leave a note on the car for when the owner came back. Careful not to garner too much attention from the moose, Devlin approached the car and left a note explaining the situation.

"Was just driving by and saw a moose attacking your car," the note read. Devlin also wrote is phone number in case the owner wanted the video evidence of the moose attack.

The owner of the car turned out to be Jake Wheeler who had been off on a six-hour bike ride. He returned to his scratched car and a note on his windshield explaining the bizarre encounter.

He's getting an estimate for the damage and hopes his insurance will be able to help.