A picnic ruined ...

Tara Bokum and her group of friends were sitting outside picnicking at a public space in Fairfax, Virginia, earlier this month when, out of nowhere, a man randomly approached, ordered them to get out from under the tree, and demanded what their ethnicities were.

Though Bokum and her friends asked him to stop, the man launched into a verbal tirade of racial slurs as he frantically paced nearby. So she pulled out her phone and began recording the incident.

Watch the video here (but be advised there is profanity):

Today I was sitting outside enjoying some food with some friends on a picnic blanket. A man approached my friend and...

Posted by Tara Bokum on Saturday, July 18, 2020

"I've got a rock for your f****** head," the man says at the beginning of the recording. Then, "Go back to your f****** country!"

The end of the video shows a younger man approach and insist the older man leave, then explain to the group that the man is his stepdad.

He apologizes to the group and says "He's, like, a raging alcoholic," before hurrying away to catch up with his stepdad, who seems to be pushing a stroller.

The man was apparently upset that the group was relaxing and enjoying a picnic in a shady area that he was wanting for himself.

Bokum later posted the video to her Facebook with the caption, "Racism is real."

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