"No regerts": He's chasing his dreams—in reverse.

A Virginia man says his family thought he "was a dumbass" after experiencing a mega tattoo failure. Dylan Harraway, 18, sat in a tattoo parlor for two hours and paid $200 so he could have "Dream Chaser" tattooed across his arm—but he didn't realize that the words were inked in reverse until a friend pointed it out.

“I didn’t notice until my friend told me it was backward," Harraway said. “I was very angry and there were a lot of emotions running through me.”

Now his "dream chaser" message, which was meant to be a nod to Dream Chasers Records founder Meek Mill, can only be read through a mirror.

“My friend just thought it was funny and it looked good and my family thought I was a dumbass!” Harraway said, according to Jam Press, via New York Post

Watch his viral video here:

Harraway failed to disclose the name of the tattoo parlor or tattoo artist. 

And, hear us out: Just giving the tattoo artist the benefit of the doubt—By reversing the image, it almost seems like he went to some philosophical depths with the art. Backwards, forwards, through a mirror—Harraway will chase his dreams wherever they take him ... (Too much? Okay.)

Anyway, a famous tattoo artist in New York, named Bang Bang, has offered to fix it, Jam Press reports.

Personally, we're not sure how someone sits in a tattoo parlor for two hours and doesn't notice that the tattoo is going on backwards. But then again, maybe we're not chasing our dreams.