All they need is a soccer ball and a couple of goals. This team ... um ... herd of elk was caught running drills on the golf course.

A resident near the Mariana Butte Golf Course captured a herd of elk in his backyard running back and forth on the golf course. Was it a game? Were they frightened? The elk appear to be in good health and naturally at play. 

In the background of the video, you can see golf carts and active golfers. The people continued to stay at a safe distance from the herd. It is recommended to never approach wildlife ... even wildlife that seems calm or within city neighborhoods. Elk are common and popular wildlife in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. They can migrate up to 100 miles, from higher to lower elevations in the winter months. 

"I shot video from the deck of my home of an elk herd running back and forth along the second hole of the Mariana Butte Golf Course. I guess that they were spooked by golfers on the course." -B B (YouTube)

Mariana Butte Golf Course is a premier golf course, featuring 18 holes, surrounded by trees and foothills. This course is a favorite among golfers with the nearby rushing Big Thompson River and majestic views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. "Repeatedly chosen as one of Colorado's favorite courses, Mariana Butte is the perfect place to relax and rediscover the good things in life." A front-row seat viewing of roaming herds of elk is not guaranteed.

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