Bears, mountain lions, and deer ... oh my! 

Catching glimpses of wildlife is common Colorado, and that's part of what makes it the best place to live. Most of the time these encounters and sightings happen out in the great wide open, on a hike, camping trip, etc. However, sometimes, the animals stop by more civilized areas, uninvited. 

A couple from Fort Collins happened to catch some unusual footage of their patio last week. When Herb and Jessica Saperstone checked their outdoor security cameras on their home near Horsetooth Reservoir, they discovered that their patio had been quite busy. In just one night, a bear, multiple deer, and a mountain lion all made their way across the Saperstone’s patio. The footage was caught on the night of September 21.

Check out the video the couple shared with Denver7 below:

The first visitor was the bear, which walked through the property but kept going after no obvious snacks were available. Next, a mountain lion casually saunters by. And then, the last bit of footage shows two deer as they walk the patio and then make their way off into the night. Certainly, a lot of activity as the family inside sleep, not realizing what is going on right in their own backyard. 

Thanks to the Saperstone’s for sharing this amazing footage. 

Have you had any wild animals this close to your home? How would you handle knowing a bear and mountain lion visited when you were asleep? Sound off in the comments.