The whale was breaching close enough to the Ocean City shoreline that beachgoers could watch and cheer.

On Tuesday, August 6, YouTuber My Three Sons captured the moment that a whale swam up to shore in Ocean City and put on a show for the vacationers and residents. He filmed the video from the porch of their vacation condo and stated, "We just had something amazing happen off the coast of Ocean City. We had a huge whale for the last two hours breaching outside our condo."

How lucky! We don't see whales that close to shore all too often. Usually, you can spot them when you're on a boat, far out into the sea. We imagine the whale was like this:

Courtesy of Giphy

This is a rare opportunity that they were lucky enough to capture on video, and we are sure glad they did! The whale can be seen jumping in and out of the water, swimming around the shore, and then being followed by two lifeguards who were attempting to edge the whale further into the ocean in order to prevent any accidents from happening. 

Beachgoers were smart during the encounter and can be seen staying on the beach far away from the whale, for their safety. Later in the video, a lifeguard boat is seen collecting swimmers from the ocean to prevent any injuries. 

The entire moment is incredible and is a good example of how amazing ocean life really is. 

See the video here: 

Courtesy of My Three Sons

Were you on the beach that day? Did you get to see the whale up close? What did you think of it? Do you know what kind of whale it is? Tell us in the comments!