The hound mix is safe and sound in the arms of Compassion for Canines.

The city of Virginia Beach is experiencing a whirlwind of shocking and horrific news as of late, beginning with a mass shooting that occurred in a city building on Friday, May 31, and now with an act of animal cruelty. We are VB Strong, and we will get through this!

On May 30,  a local resident spotted a sick-looking female canine wearing a muzzle behind a warehouse off of Shore Drive and called into the Virginia Beach Animal Control for help. They transported her to Blue Pearl Emergency Hospital where x-rays were taken to determine the severity of her injuries. The dog, now named Pearl, was determined to have a bullet wound to the face

The bullet entered through her nose, tearing her hard pallet to shreds and landing in her lower jaw, where it was removed from her neck during surgery less than 24 hours later. Pearl is currently safe in the hands of Compassion for Canines and is slowly recovering. 

Due to her injuries, however, she is unable to eat or drink and must be fed through an esophageal feeding tube for the next 10-14 days. We are OCN are happy to hear that she is safe, alive, and recovering, but are praying that there are no other complications!

Since Pearl is not microchipped, local police are working diligently to locate her owners and whoever shot the poor girl – cross your fingers that any information is found and the people are located!

In an effort to bring awareness for animal cruelty and spread her story, Compassion for Canines posted to Facebook asking for donations. See the post here: 

Courtesy of Compassion for Canines

If you wish to donate towards her medical bills (so far amounting $2,708), you may do so by clicking the donate button on their Facebook post here

Animal Cruelty will be a felony in the state of Virginia come July 1, earning the abuser up to five years in prison and $2,500 in fines. 

If you or anyone you know has any information on who her owners may be, or who possibly shot the dog, call 1-888-LOCK-U-UP or email Compassion for Canines at 

We at OCN are saddened by this news and wish Pearl a speedy recovery! 

Do you know who Pearl's owners are? Do you plan to donate to the medical bills? Tell us in the comments!