There are five names to choose from! Which one do you like best?

The Maryland Zoo needs our help! The baby chimpanzee that arrived last month still needs a name. The best part? To come to a decision, they're putting it up for a vote!

The female chimp originally came from the Oklahoma City Zoo following her birth mother's struggle to adjust to motherhood. She is currently being hand-raised by zoo keepers on a continual basis, including bottle-feeding, playtime, and sleeping. Once she shows appropriate development—crawling and standing up, for example— she'll be cared for by her surrogate mother Abby.

The Chimp Forest Team came up with five ideas for names to possibly bestow on the little one, and they're all pretty adorable. Here are the options:

  • Olivia (stems from 'olive')
  • Asha (various meanings, including 'hope' in Sanskrit)
  • Maisie (Scottish name meaning 'pearl')
  • Tulia (Swahili word for 'calm')
  • Nyota ('star' in Swahili)


The Maryland Zoo

All of them would make great names, but we're especially fond of "Asha" or "Maisie" because of their meanings. Plus, they would sound extra cute alongside the troop's infant members Lola and Violet!

Voting runs through November 5 at midnight, and you can vote once per day, so if there's one name you feel particularly strong about, keep at it! Your pick may just become the baby chimp's official name!

The zoo also welcomes donations, part of which directly assist with the chimp's care. Interested? You can make a contribution here.

What name will you be voting for? Share your choice in the comments!