New app will let you park near the airport for no cost and make money renting out your car. 

If you've flown out of DIA lately, you know that the parking fees are more outrageous than people's feelings about Blucifer. It's basically highway ... er, parking lot, robbery.

A new start-up Drift thinks it has a way to get around the hit to your wallet. It wants to give you free parking at the USAirport parking lot in exchange for renting out your car to total strangers while you are out of town.

"Drift is a new peer-to-peer car sharing service that connects local travelers who own cars with travelers who need to borrow a car," says the company.

It sounds a little risky, but the program does offer a few perks that might make you jump at the chance, and it seems fairly easy to use. Simply check in at the lot, and your car will be inspected, washed, and cleaned. Say adios to your vehicle and head out on vacation. While you are gone, the company will allow your car to be rented, and it will pay you if someone chooses to take it for a spin. The app limits the vehicle to 150 miles a day, so someone won't head down to Mexico on a whim. 

You will also get paid if your car is rented out. You could make up to $50 a day, depending on your vehicle and demand. For example, your standard sedan could net $25 per day while a large SUV will pay out $50 per day. That could add up to $350 a week, which certainly could help make all your losses in Vegas a little less painful. 

In addition, all cars driven through Drift are insured by Allstate in case of an accident. They are also cleaned and inspected before they are returned to you. 

Shut up and take my car, you might be saying. Drift is available for iPhones and will be available for Androids down the road, and you can learn more at It is important to note, like Uber and Lyft, you have to have a qualifying car to participate. 

Are you trusting enough, or broke enough, to try out the app? Let us know in the comments!