No picnic basket for this Yogi Bear! Video footage reveals that a bear tried his best to get the goods from a pot dispensary.

Just before midnight on July 17, video footage was caught of a bear attempting to steal from The Bud Depot’s dumpster. The footage reveals the bear trying to open the ‘bear-resistant’ dumpster in Lyons, Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Northwest Region took to Twitter with the bear-y entertaining footage on Tuesday. The video (below) shows the bear doing everything in his power to get the goods, but he doesn't quite reach his goal. Close, but no cigar.

The bear first looks around to see if anyone’s going to catch him. When he sees that the coast is clear, he pulls the dumpster out of view and does everything he can to get inside. However, when that ultimately fails, he then tries to take the trash dumpster home with him. Not surprisingly, this plan fails, too.

"It tries to take the bear-resistant dumpster home with him, but cannot," CPW Twitter says. "No reward for this bear."

And this bear isn't the only one trying to have a good time. Earlier this month, on Independence Day of all days, a bear decided to go for a little joyride in a Subaru. Luckily, no one was injured, however, the car itself did not fare very well. You can read more about this incident here!

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