The packages are Maryland-themed so that the senator has a piece of home while he's away.

State Senator William C. Smith, of Annapolis, Maryland, was deployed to Afghanistan back in March and is not expected to return home until later this year. An officer of the U.S. Navy Reserve in addition to his elected office, Smith is serving in Operation Resolute Support.

So, in a gracious act of kindness, the senator's coworkers have taken the time to send him care packages once a month filled with Maryland-themed items! 

Some of the items have included souvenirs and products from the other senators' respective districts so Smith has a piece of home while he is away! Members of the Prince George District are planning to send their box filled with Baltimore Ravens and Orioles gear, crab products from the Eastern Shore, and plenty of personal notes. 

The legislators shared their thoughts on the matter:

“It’s something we should be doing,” Sen. Douglas J.J. Peters of Prince George’s said of the legislators’ support for their colleague. “In the beginning when you first get sent off, there’s…parties and good luck and all that kind of good stuff. And then when you come back, there’s this huge welcome. But in between there is a lot of, a lot of lonely time.”

The first boxes that were sent out were from senators in the Washington, D.C., region and contained Washington Redskins and Nationals gear! The next box, from Howard County, was scheduled to be delivered in mid-June with items from that district.  

The senator's wife, Camille Fesche, stated that the boxes are helping her cope with being a single parent to their daughter, 1, while he is away! Smith tells her how much he appreciates them. 

“I’ve been really inspired by the support that I’ve personally received and I’ve really appreciated senators and other people in the political sphere reaching out to me,” Fesche said. “I really feel supported and I really feel that the community is rallying around well while he is serving his country.”

The packages are hopefully helping Smith feel right at home, knowing that he has the support and appreciation of his colleagues and fellow Marylanders. 

During his time away, other legislators are assisting with the constituents and monitoring legislative developments and community affairs – the job still needs to be done! 

Do you know Senator William C. Smith? Would you have sent him a monthly care package if you had the chance? Tell us in the comments!