Lions, tigers, and ... porcelain tigers?

Motorists on Maryland's I-270 were recently surprised by the sight of a white tiger. No, Maryland isn't home to the rare predator—instead, a white porcelain tiger figurine somehow wound up perched atop a Montgomery County highway wall. While the tiger is nowhere near life-size, as has been reported, it was large enough to startle drivers—and you would be surprised, too, if you came across this guy on your daily commute! 

CBS Baltimore reported that Montgomery County Police received a call from a driver reporting the porcelain tiger last Saturday. The tiger was then carried on the back of an officer and brought to the station. 

No word yet on whether the rare Maryland white tiger is a "psst psst psst" kind of cat or a "here, kitty, kitty" fella. Montgomery County Police are unsure how he got on the highway wall, but he has not yet been claimed, so if you or someone you know is missing their beloved white porcelain tiger, let them know! 

For now, the white porcelain tiger has a new home with the Montgomery County Police. 

What would you think if you saw this little fella on your commute? Let us know in the comments.