Look for a crate marked "Warning: Sasquatch Inside."

Over the years, Colorado has had plenty of "bigfoot sightings." And now, you may have the chance to experience a sighting for yourself! On Monday afternoon, June 7, if you're traveling along I-70, be on the lookout for a crate marked "Warning: Sasquatch Inside."

Inside the crate stands a 7-foot-3-inch mechanical sasquatch, and a smaller "juvenile," created by Unit 70 Studios in Columbus, Ohio. The mechanical bigfoots (bigfeet?) are on their way to The Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey and are expected to arrive this afternoon.

John Warn and Shari Peterson are making the return back to Colorado and told CBS4 that the crate and its cargo have sparked some interesting conversations along the way.

Peterson said, "At one restaurant, the server said she’s been serving for 10 years and hoped to have a super interesting day one day—she said meeting us was it!"

If you miss the crate during its trek, don't worry. You'll be able to see both creatures at The Sasquatch Outpost, which is one of our favorite unique attractions in the entire state!

And if you happen to get a glimpse of bigfoot, email us at [email protected]! We may share your photo/video in this article and across our social media pages.