Find a "BudMate"!

Times are tough for everyone right now, especially for people who have had to find a new place to live during the coronavirus pandemic. In Colorado, rent is high and options are limited for those who need to find a new place to crash in a pinch. So many things go into picking a new place to live, and one of the biggest is a roommate. 

An issue that seems to be a rising concern for some folks is weed. Marijuana is legal in Colorado; it's common to see it, smell it, and hear about it, and for a lot of people that is totally fine. However, not everyone is cool with the wacky tobacco being smoked or seen in their living space, and this can lead to some nasty arguments and awkward living situations.

The issue prompted New York-based realtor Angeliki Gousetis to create a way to connect "420 friendly" people needing roommates with each other. She set up a Facebook group 420 Friendly Apartments, Roommates & Sublets in New York and had a lot of success connecting people, and has started a few in other big cities as well.

Gousetis set up a similar group in Denver over the summer. It is a private group with over 5,000 members, with new ones added daily. She has since started groups for Boulder and Colorado Springs. 

“Don't come home to an empty apartment or get stuck with roommates that make you smoke outside. Find a buddy to kick back and blaze one with, on 420 Friendly Apartments.”

To be clear, the group does not find properties or provide real estate services. It is simply a place to connect with like-minded individuals and help people find places to live and people to live with. There have been many success stories from the platform, and people appreciate having a community they can safely express their lifestyle with before moving in together or signing a lease. 

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