Filming took place over the summer of 2018.

It feels like decades ago that Wonder Woman 1984 filmed around D.C. in the summer of 2018, and local residents were cast as extras. But the excitement of seeing the famous landmarks—or yourself—on the big screen will, unfortunately, have to wait.

Last week, Warner Bros. announced the sequel to the smash-hit Wonder Woman would be postponed to Christmas Day. The film was originally slated for October 2 after an initial pushback from its intended summer release, but the studio decided to postpone it to December 25 in the hopes of screening it in movie theaters.

This comes on the heels of the underwhelming U.S. release of Christopher Nolan's Tenet, which paled in comparison to its debut abroad.

Needless to say, extras can't help feeling bummed out. A local WTOP reporter cast as an extra stated it plainly: "It seems that it's like it's been since 1984...waiting on this movie to be released."


Given the state of the pandemic, it's no wonder movie releases have done so poorly. Currently, a quarter of movie theaters have closed their doors, and others are operating at reduced capacity. As a result, many studios are holding off on Blockbuster releases until they can guarantee consistent showings at megaplexes.

Parts of the film were shot on location in the District, including Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, McPherson Square, and various federal buildings situated around D.C. The Landmark Mall in Alexandria, Virginia, also got a retro makeover for the movie while the defunct punk boutique Commander Salamander returned temporarily, making for a surprising blast-from-the-past. And for a big-budget movie, no less!

Extras are feeling antsy, understandably so, about seeing the final result, and we don't blame them a bit. By the time Christmas arrives, hopefully movie-goers will be able to hit the theaters. In the meantime, catch a sneak-peek here.

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