Sometimes, a full belly and familiar foods are priceless.

As the situation in Afghanistan unfolds, thousands of people have left the turmoil of the Kabul airport for distant shores. The good folks at World Central Kitchen (WCK) teamed up with local chefs and restaurants to provide hot food for refugees from Afghanistan as they landed at Dulles International Airport last week.

Local restaurants like Lebanese Taverna, Mezeh Grill, and Kabobi are also getting in on the action to provide delicious meals on location. Traditional Middle Eastern cuisine is full of grilled meats, stews and healthy vegetables served with grains, flatbreads and savory sauces.

The WCK endeavors aren't just limited to our shores—another team in Spain is welcoming Afghan refugees there as well. The organization was created in 2010 by chef José Andrés, with the simple mission of providing nourishing food to those in need. Whether people are recovering from a natural disaster, financial hardships, or any other source of turmoil, you can count on WCK to arrive with food to give a helping hand.

For more information about World Central Kitchen, or to make a donation online, check out their website or follow along with their Twitter feed. Their ongoing mission of feeding those in need will always benefit from financial contributions. You can also follow watch the hashtag #ChefsForAfghans to see more posts about these efforts.

Have you ever volunteered with World Central Kitchen? When and where were you stationed to help out? Tell us all about it in the comments.