Surf’s up! The largest surf park in the world is being built right outside of Richmond, Virginia.

"Hang ten" because soon you’ll be able to shred some waves right outside of Richmond!

Real-estate development firm Flatwater Companies is developing a 105-acre project in Chesterfield County dedicated to surfing, water, and extreme fun. Known as “The Lake,” the development will be built at the corner of Route 288 and Genito Road, right across from River City Sportsplex. It will feature a six-acre surf park, a 13-acre man-made wake lake, an amphitheater, 150,000 square feet of retail and entertainment spaces, a hotel, and several apartments.

The surf park will serve as The Lake’s main attraction and is expected to make some waves. Once completed, it will be the first surf park on the East Coast and the largest in the entire world. The park’s artificial waves are expected to turn The Lake into a regional destination, bringing the world’s biggest surf fans into the area. In fact, Flatwater Companies is expecting to host over 200 events at The Lake every year!

Flatwater Companies has been working on this project for several years but have just recently obtained the required permits to commence construction. Therefore, we can expect the project to start in the next coming months.

Are you a surfer? Do you plan on catching some waves at RVA’s new surf park? Leave a comment and let us know!