Paws up! Thumbs up! Colorado is leading the way for animal welfare in the country.

In a study by, Colorado ranks No. 2 in America’s most pet-friendly states across the U.S. And why not? Everywhere you go, you’ll see several dogs happily walking or even cats on leashes in parks.

Safewise determined the rankings by taking a bird’s eye view of different areas, anti-abuse laws, and no-kill shelters. Other factors were pet-friendly activities and spaces, along with restrictions on different breeds.

Here’s what they had to say about Colorado:

“Colorado is a pet paradise with miles of scenic hiking trails. The Centennial State is home to 74 no-kill shelters and 2,150 veterinarians too. Colorado also has some of the nation’s best animal protection laws. For example, domestic abuse can include crimes against a victim’s animal, and veterinarians are required to report suspected cruelty. Top it off with Colorado’s stunning national parks and your mutt may never want to leave the mountains.”

puppy winking

Good job, Colorado! (Courtesy of Pexels)

Oregon took the cake by being ranked No. 1 in the country because of the strict animal welfare laws. They have made animal fighting a felony, with charges increasing if multiple animals are involved. Still, Colorado is home to 1515 dog-friendly restaurants, according to Offering not only the outdoors, but also the indoors for happy, healthy fur babies.

Colorado pet services are also highly ranked. Places like Petco Aurora and Camp BowWow all have five out of five bones for excellence! While Fido may not be a fan, vets are still important when it comes to being among the best in the country.

States like Iowa and Missouri ranked the worst in the country because of the number of puppy mills and lack of animal abuse laws.

Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a rat, Colorado has everything in place to protect and enrich the lives of your fur babies. What’s your favorite place to take your pet? Let us know in the comments.