Thanks to a one-year partnership between the city and VEO and Lime, you can zoom around town by scooter.

The City of Colorado Springs announced today a one-year partnership with scooter vendors VEO and Lime, bringing scooters to the downtown area. The pilot program will help the city determine the demand for the scooters, impacts, and benefits to the community. 

City officials hope the scooters will help reduce the need to drive vehicles on short trips downtown. You can find information on rules for riding and parking on the VEO and Lime apps. During the one-year pilot program, the scooters will be available to ride between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. seven days a week. 

To ensure safety with the scooters, the city outlined where you can and cannot ride on its website:

A map of designated riding and parking zones for scooters (Courtesy of Downtown Colorado Springs)

Where You Can Ride

Riders can drive scooters in a bike lane or to the right of the traffic lane. If a street's speed limit is over 35 miles per hour, rides can take the scooters on the sidewalks. 

Where You Can't Ride

There are several places the scooters are prohibited, including: 

  • Sidewalks in busy pedestrian areas, particularly the main downtown area
  • In streets with speeds greater than 35 miles per hour
  • In parks or on trails
  • Designated no-ride zones specified by signage or in the app, including Colorado College's campus (scooters will stop working in these designated no-ride zones)

How to Park

Users should park the scooters in designated areas outlined in the app and on the map above. Those who don't park scooters in the right areas are subject to a fine. 

Learn more about the one-year scooter pilot program on the City of Colorado Springs' podcast, "Behind the Springs." 

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