American school districts are grappling with plans for reopening amid pandemic concerns.

Parents all over the country are making decisions about sending their children back to school in person. Where school districts are reopening their classrooms, teachers have gotten creative about safety measures and the new environment of COVID-19 precautions.

Here's a look inside some of the schools that have already welcomed back their students this summer.

Manatee County schools in Florida have even figured out a way to do in-person graduation for their Class of 2020 seniors!

Teachers are preparing by designing each classroom to fit social distancing guidelines. Smaller class sizes and hybrid schedules will be the new normal for many of the students who do opt to return to school in person.

This school district in Abilene put out this promotional video to inform parents of their upcoming plans.

What are your thoughts on schools reopening for the fall semester? Do you think it's too soon, or are you ready to let your kids get back to the classroom? Let us know in the comments!