The Daily Meal found the 1o1 best food trucks in the country, and The Jolly Pig in Baltimore made the list!

Food trucks are pretty awesome. You get fast and casual tastes of restaurant-quality food while hanging out outside. And while Maryland has some pretty awesome food trucks, not every truck can say that they're one of the best in the country. That's where The Daily Meal comes in. They searched for the 101 best food trucks based on their previous rankings, city guides, online reviews, and the trucks' own social media pages. Maryland's own The Jolly Pig ranked No. 91 on the list! The Daily Meal says,
"It’s difficult to use the phrase 'Maryland food trucks' without mentioning The Jolly Pig. The pink truck has been a mainstay (if you can use this phrase to describe a mobile restaurant) in Maryland for several years now, and it is constantly racking up awards, nods, and other accolades. As for the food, there’s an awful lot of pork (mostly of the pulled variety) on the menu. Of course, by 'awful' we mean 'delightful,' because the options include tacos like the Korean barbecue, Jamaican jerk, Peking, Carolina, and Al Pastor, in addition to sandwiches like the Cuban, the 'Figgy Piggy' (with mortadella, or 'Figgy No Piggy' without), and the Carolina Sliders. Now that you’ve got the rundown, it’s time to pig out!"
It seems pretty clear why this truck is rated one of the best food trucks in the country! [caption id="attachment_9434" align="aligncenter" width="619"]food trucks Courtesy of Yelp[/caption] This isn't the first award the iconic truck has won. It won the "Maryland's Favorite Food Truck" award from the Restaurant Association of Maryland and was ranked the No. 1 food truck by the Baltimore Sun in 2012. You can find out where the Jolly Pig will be by checking out their Twitter page.
If you want to visit the best food truck in the country, you'll need to head to Miami, Florida, and eat at the House of Mac. This mac and cheese truck makes funky creations such as chicken parmesan mac and cheese and Philly cheesesteak mac and cheese. Congrats to all the winning chefs! Running a food truck is no walk in the park. The Daily Meal states,
"Operating a successful food truck requires equal parts heart and culinary chops. Tight parking spaces, pesky traffic cops, cramped kitchens, and streets congested with competition are just a few of the obstacles a food truck must overcome. But every year, more and more food truck owners start the engine, driven by a passion for cooking and the desire to share their innovative culinary concepts with the world (or at least their neighborhood)."
To see the full list of 101 Best Food Trucks in America, click here! What do you think? Have you visited any of these food trucks before? Ever been to The Jolly Pig? Let us know in the comments below!

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