A Michigan mom received a postcard from 1920. She turned to social media to find its rightful owner's family.

Brittany Keech was surprised to find a special postcard as she sorted her mail. In amongst advertisements was a postcard, dated October 29, 1920. While the rightful owner has probably already passed on, after 100 years, the family of this intended postcard recipient might want to receive the correspondence. Brittany quickly turned to social media in attempts to find the intended recipient's family.

She posted a query on Positively Belding, a local Facebook group for residents of Belding, Michigan: "Ok so i received this in the mail today. It appears to be a really old letter. I would like to get it to the or to a family member. Does anyone know this person? Their first name is missing. Just saw that it is dated for october 29th 1920. Any help would be great".

With more than 200 shares and nearly as many comments, Brittany was booked for interviews with radio and news stations. The local FOX station and Wood TV interviewed Brittany for details and to raise awareness to find the family. CNN also covered the story in efforts to find the family. 

Brittany has continued to update her post on Facebook. 

"Another update: just interviewed with the new york times!!!! With the help from a few AMAZING woman we may have found a family member!! Will keep updating this post as we know more. Fingers crossed."

"Living family had been found."

"I have received messages that it was on the news in south korea."

There's no news yet as to when or how this postcard will be delivered to the intended recipient's family. 

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