Stargazers and night owls alike are in for a celestial treat this Good Friday. 

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, April’s “Pink Moon” is set to light up the sky on Friday, April 19, around 7:12 a.m. EST. But for the best view of it, experts recommend checking it out the night of Thursday, April 18. 

And if that doesn't work for you, dreamers will still be able to see Thursday night’s Pink Moon on Friday night. (If we’re lucky, a few shooting stars may also glide across the sky as the Pink Moon rises just a few nights before the Lyrid meteor shower.) 

What does a Pink Moon look like? 

Before you get too excited, there’s something you should know – the “Pink Moon” isn’t actually pink, just like a “Blue Moon” isn’t blue. Despite its name, the moon may appear orange, yellow, or red depending on atmospheric conditions. 

“April’s full moon is called the Full Pink Moon, heralding the appearance of the 'moss pink,' or wild ground phlox – one of the first spring flowers,” the Old Farmer’s Almanac reported

According to AccuWeather, every month’s full moon is given a nickname that can be traced back to the Native Americans. April’s full moon, for example, has been known as the Egg Moon, the Sprouting Grass Moon, and the Fish Moon. 

What does a Pink Moon mean spiritually? 

Spiritually, the Pink Moon represents rebirth and renewal -- which definitely makes sense, if you think about it. After a long, cold winter, the resurrection of all things pink (cherry blossoms, azaleas, etc.) brings joy and beauty to what was once bland and grey. 

According to renowned spiritualist Cherokee Billie, the Pink Moon "brings the stability and security to crystallize recent changes and make them permanent improvements." 

Will you be standing outside on Thursday night? Let us know in the comments!